Thursday, 17 August 2017

4th Annual International Conference

Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) with Christ University announces its 4th Annual International Conference

‘Multi-faceted Movement Approaches: Enhancing the Mind-Body Nexus’ 
25th/26th November, Christ University, Bengaluru

Conference Fee inclusive of Lunches & Snacks:

CMTAI Member: 5,000 + 18% GST = 5,900 INR
Non-member: 5,500 +18% GST = 6,490 INR
Student: 4,500 + 18% GST = 5,310 INR

Limited Spaces! Sessions selection on a first come first served basis.  If interested, please register your names and mail ids with Janavi @ 088848-69163 or

Alongside below mentioned sessions are a Panel Discussion, Film Screenings, Informal Discussion groups on Movement Therapy and Movement Jam! 

* Program is subject to change.

Sessions at the Conference – Blending Practice with Theory:

‘Introduction to Dance / Movement Therapy’REETU JAIN (Therapeutic Movement Practitioner, Co-Founder, CMTAI), USA / New Delhi

‘What’s in a role: Stories & Drama Therapy’ANSHUMA KSHETRAPAL (Drama & Movement Therapist, Director, COLOR OF GREY CELLS), UK / Delhi / Bengaluru

‘Mindfulness & Therapeutic Presence for Practitioners’ANUBHA DOSHI (Arts-based Therapist, Counsellor, Director, ARTSPHERE), Pune  

‘The Puzzle of Progress in Expressive Arts Therapies’AVANTIKA MALHAUTRA (Expressive Arts Therapist / Psychologist, Director, SOUL CANVAS), Pune

Active Imagination Using Movement’BRINDA JACOB JANVRIN (Expressive Arts Therapist / Counsellor, Director, SMART), Bengaluru

‘Art Psychotherapy & Family Constellation Work’: CHARITRA BALLAL (Psychotherapist / Visual Art Therapy Practitioner), UK / Bengaluru

‘Gesture & Dance in Storytelling Therapy’DR.ERIC MILLER (Storytelling Therapist, Director,  WORLD  STORY TELLING INSTITUTE), USA / Chennai

‘Embodiment in Shadow Theatre’EVAN HANSTINGS (Drama Therapist, Director, SHADOW LIBERATION), (USA / Bengaluru)

‘Dance Movement Therapy & Psycho-social Support in Communities’ KATIA VERREAULT (Dance Therapist, Director, A MOVING WORLD FOUNDATION), The Netherlands / Nepal

‘Henna & Healing in Art Therapy’KRUPA JHAVERI (Visual Art Therapist, Director, SANKALPA), USA / Auroville

‘Relevance of Posture & Movement in Psychodrama’MAGDALENE JEYARATHNAM (Psychodrama Therapist & Counsellor, Director, EAST-WEST COUNSELLING CENTRE), Chennai

‘Letting the Body Lead Therapeutic Work’MAITRI GOPALAKRISHNA (Drama Therapist & Counselling Psychologist), Bengaluru

‘Engaging with the Shadow through Drama, Movement & Metaphor’MIKE CLARKE (Drama & Movement Therapist), UK 

‘The importance of Skill sharing in Music Therapy’: NINA CHERLA (Music Therapist, Regional Director, THE MUSIC THERAPY TRUST), UK / New Delhi

‘Relationship between Drama & Empathy’PARUSURAM RAMAMOORTHY (Drama Therapy Practitioner, Director, VELVI). Madurai

‘Role of the Embodied Therapist in Movement Psychotherapy’PREETHA RAMASUBRAMANIAN (Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Director, KINESTHETICS), UK / Chennai

‘Dance Movement Therapy for Families of Children with Autism’RITU SHREE (Dance Movement Therapist / Psychologist, CHILDREN FIRST), USA / New Delhi

‘Kestenberg Movement Profile: Exploration of Tension Flow Rhythms’TARANA KHATRI (Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Director, HORIZON THERAPY CENTRE), UK / Chennai,

Therapeutic Dance in Education’TRIPURA KASHYAP (Movement Therapist/Dance Educator, Co-founder, CMTAI) USA / Bengaluru

‘Drama Therapy: The Hero’s Journey’VANITHA CHANDRASEGARAM (Drama Therapist), UK / Malaysia


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