Saturday, 21 May 2016

3rd International Conference - Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) – Approaches and Techniques in an Indian Paradigm

Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) in collaboration with Artsphere (Pune) & Symbiosis University (Pune) 
 3rd Annual International Conference

‘Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) – Approaches and Techniques in an Indian Paradigm’

Pune, India, 26th & 27th November 2016

Since its inception in the U.S.A., DMT has been spreading its wings across several countries through therapists and trainers innovating varied approaches and methods to work with their clients and participants.  In India, a plethora of indigenous dance forms have enriched and expanded the scope of conventional DMT being practiced in varied socio-cultural settings. 

The conference will provide a forum for presenters and participants to share and experience multi-cultural facets of DMT through presentations of research papers, informal discussions, lecture-demonstrations, experiential workshops, talks and film viewings.

Renowned expert-trainers, through their presentations, will:
  1. Investigate changing theoretical frameworks and practice of DMT in relation to Indian society & culture,
  2. Reflect on the therapeutic potentials in Indian movement practices (folk, classical, tribal, social, ritual & martial dances),
  3. Explore how elements of our physical traditions have been creatively synthesized into healing experiences in DMT practice, and
  4. Discuss strategies to further utilize, integrate and popularize DMT across the urban-rural contexts of India. The conference is open to teachers, special educators, medical professionals,  expressive arts therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, visual / performing artists, social workers, corporate trainers, students, consultants, healers, HR professionals, etc.

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