Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Creative Exchange Retreat for Arts Therapists - July 2016

Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) hosts its 2nd Annual ‘Skills Exchange & Enhancement Program for Arts Therapists’ 2016. 

This forum offers Arts therapy practitioners a space to share, listen to and exchange practical skills / theoretical knowledge based on Dance, Drama, Music & Visual arts therapies being used in Schools, Special education, Treatment, Rehabilitation centres and other settings. 

This time, 12 presenters from different arts therapies have been invited to present a case-study/ies of their intervention with a group or an individual in an innovative manner.  They will also lead us (observers-participants) through a ‘creative-expressive-therapeutic’ journey that they experienced with their client(s) over a period of four to six months or more.

Through lecture-demonstration, use of visual aids and facilitating experiential sessions with peers, their presentation will include:

(a) Description of therapeutic needs & issues of their client(s),
(b) Artistic modalities & techniques they used,
(c) Responses and reactions of their client(s) during therapy &
(d) Ultimate outcomes and results of their therapeutic interventions.

Each presentation will be 1 hour, 30 minutes long inclusive of informal group discussion around emerging theme(s). We have a small group of 30 Arts therapists at the retreat to be held at ‘Blue Waters Hotel - A Beach & Backwater resort, Cherai, Cochin on 29th, 30th & 31st July 2016. 

This unique retreat has been especially conceived to rejuvenate ourselves, celebrate & share our achievements & growth with each other.

Presentations & Presenters: CMTAI’s Arts Therapists Retreat @ Cochin – July 2016



Rhythm, Facilitation & Healing
Varun Venkit, Drum circle facilitator / Clinical psychologist & founder, Taal Inc, Pune

Storytelling Therapy with Fairy-tale, Epic and Myth
Dr Eric Miller, Director, World Story-telling Institute, Chennai.

Transferring one art modality to another and integrating different art media to work with trauma
Magdalene Jeyarathnam, Counsellor, supervisor, trainer & founder, Expressive arts therapies course, Chennai

I’m here with you: DMT & Music Therapy; a marriage of empathy in special school setting

Sara Owen, Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, UK

Expressive arts therapy intervention: Teach for India project & Meta-analysis
Mugdha Shivapurkar, Movement & Arts based therapist & Counsellor, Artsphere, Pune

What am I doing? - A drama therapist in a conflict Zone
Mahnoor Yar Khan, Drama therapy practitioner, Palestine / Hyderabad

Use of Expressive Arts therapy while working with Anorexia Nervosa
Brinda Jacob-Janvrin, Movement & Expressive arts therapist, founder, SMART, Bangalore

Erotic transference in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)
Preetha Ramasubramanian, Dance movement psychotherapist, founder, Kinesthetics, Chennai

Yoga-dance Therapy (YDT), five elements & body-mind rituals as instruments of healing & re-connection with our lives

Soraya Franco, Yoga-dance therapist, Dominican Republic, Latin America

Through the looking glass: From my world to yours
Tarana Khatri, co-founder Synchrony, Dance movement therapist, Chennai

Cross-cultural experiences through Movement therapy in rural contexts
Murielle Ikareth, Therapeutic movement facilitator, Director Saram, Kottayyam, Kerala

Art Sari: Tradition, Ritual and Storytelling
Krupa Jhaveri, Visual Art therapist, founder, Sankalpa,  Auroville, Pondicherry

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